Silicone Work Mat

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My husband and I enjoy our dinnertime hours together. It begins around 8:00 pm or so, and runs until midnight or later. Mark loves to cook, and I love to eat. Our evening time is when I work on crafts. Working crafts on the upper part of the kitchen counter had become a challenge. Just about everything can ruin a countertop – glue, paints, sharp objects, etc. Small materials, like beads, can also blend into the background of the surface. I was certainly happy crafting, but wished I had a better surface. Guess what? I found it. I love it so much, and I think you will too. It’s a silicone gel mat.

This silicone mat stays flat while you work. It doesn’t slide on the surface. All your crafting supplies for a project stay neatly together. I don’t even need to use a glue-gun holder with my mat; the heat from the glue doesn’t hurt it at all – and just rolls away when it’s time to clean up. I’ve also put items on this mat to hold other things I’m working on – like a small, lighted Valentine’s Day Tree. I placed the tree on the mat and protected a glass table I was using. Anything that fell from the tree was protected by the mat. While this mat can be easily rolled and stored, I leave mine out all the time.

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