Valentine's Day

February 14 of every year, is a special time to think about those you hold dear. If you’re looking for ideas of ways to add Valentine’s Day touches to your home or an upcoming party, you’ll find several right here. I’ve added my own twist to some you may have seen and even created some new ideas – just for you.

As you work on Valentine’s projects, whether small or large, consider thinking of those you love, value, and appreciate while you craft. Each craft will be even more special to you if you do.

I hope you enjoy ideas of items you can put all of your heart into creating.

Valentine’s Day Memory Craft

I love this craft – it’s so simple and easy – and loads of fun to create. With my mom’s passing recently, I’ve been looking for different ways to use her jewelry in items that I create. I’m giving myself the goal of using her jewelry into one craft per holiday this year 2020.

The Valentine’s Day Memory craft is done on a stretched canvas.

  1. Use the heart necklace to make an arrow. You may want to lay it out before you glue anything down to make sure it’s just what you want.
  2. Glue the larger valentine over the necklace beads.
  3. Add the larger heart gem to make the arrow.
  4. Add rhinestones to the hearts in the tail.
  5. Add a rhinestone to the heart in the arrow.
  6. Add a special piece of jewelry. Choose something that speaks to your heart.
  7. Add plastic gem ribbon around the edges of the canvas to frame the heart art.

I used hot glue on all the parts, as it always works well for me.

The visual below shows the materials I used to create this Valentine’s Day design. I hope it’s useful to you as you think through your own good ideas.

Bedazzle Cards from Dollar Tree

I love that Dollar Tree carries so many cards. I found this cute set on a recent and thought it would be fun to add embellishments to make it even cuter. I didn’t want to overdo on this one, so I just added one red gem and rhinestones.

Create a New Embellishment

It’s actually quite fun to create a new embellishment from the things you buy or have on hand. One component of creativity is to bring different things together to make a new idea. I decided to make a dangling embellishment from what I had on hand. (You’ll see the items in Project Materials.) Give it a go. Make these danglers or create a version of your own. It’s good for your brain and for your crafts! One thing on the project list is the Dollar Tree tray. I use this tray all the time to organize my projects. I love using them and bet you will, too.

Gift-Box Flowers

Another quick and easy craft that can be used to decorate a table, an end table, coffee table, food cart, food display, coffee station, and more. I placed some styrofoam I had on hand to fill the box. The styrofoam also held the rose stems in place. I added a cute heart ring (from the Valentine’s Day party section), and viola – one part of the gift box done.

For the lid of the box, I first decorated it with valentine gems, heart strings from a heart necklace, and pearl gems. Once the lid is decorated how you like it, then just put a bit of styrofoam in the bottom, and add flowers.

Lollipop Holder

I saw the heart-shaped lollipops at the Dollar Tree and decided I wanted to try something with them. I’ve seen so many cute designs on canvas and wanted to give this a twist of my own. Hence, the lollipop holder. I also wanted people to take the lollipops from the holder, so I needed a structure that would allow for this.

Following are some of my design notes for this project. I tested several ideas before settling on the final version. That’s what creative design is all about – trying different versions of an idea until you get it just right!

Gift Box and Flowers

Metal Tree with Hearts

My husband’s daughter gifted us this lovely tree for Christmas. It’s marketed as a family tree, but I want to use it for different holidays – with a different look for each holiday. Another creativity challenge for 2020!

Napkin Rings

White Buckets on Silver Tray

Another quickie that’s so easy to create. I used small white buckets from Dollar Tree. I embellished the buckets with items you’ve seen from my other posts: heart necklace, pink heart gems, decorative gems ribbon, and Valentine’s Day Ring. The buckets and pics are displayed on a Dollar Tree silver tray and I created a quick raised surface with a small box covered with a Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day scarf.

Food Pics/Decorative Buckets

These pics – especially for Valentine’s Day – are not only cute, but they are quick and easy to make. To make these, I used materials from the Dollar Store: a red paper bag, red heart gems, and decorative gem ribbon. A small stick and some hot glue – and you’ve got an instant pic for small foods.

Valentine’s Day Tree

Do you like keeping your Christmas tree up throughout the year and decorating it for different holidays? Here’s a quick look at a small tree that can be used year round. It is a white, lighted tree in an urn. And it’s pretty. For Valentine’s Day, I’ve added Dollar Tree heart garland, two large hearts (these come in packs of three, and one is pink), and red sprays. I added a bit of fabric to the urn – and it’s done! So pretty!

Hearts on Canvas

Do you have two minutes to put together a quick Valentine’s Day decoration? I had gotten a small package that included four black hearts. To each black heart, I added a red gem. I then glued the black-studded hearts onto a Canvas I purchased from Dollar Tree. I placed each of mine on a black easel and now have two very cute decorations.

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