Valentine’s Day Memory Craft

I love this craft – it’s so simple and easy – and loads of fun to create. With my mom’s passing recently, I’ve been looking for different ways to use her jewelry in items that I create. I’m giving myself the goal of using her jewelry into one craft per holiday this year 2020.

The Valentine’s Day Memory craft is done on a stretched canvas.

  1. Use the heart necklace to make an arrow. You may want to lay it out before you glue anything down to make sure it’s just what you want.
  2. Glue the larger valentine over the necklace beads.
  3. Add the larger heart gem to make the arrow.
  4. Add rhinestones to the hearts in the tail.
  5. Add a rhinestone to the heart in the arrow.
  6. Add a special piece of jewelry. Choose something that speaks to your heart.
  7. Add plastic gem ribbon around the edges of the canvas to frame the heart art.

I used hot glue on all the parts, as it always works well for me.

The visual below shows the materials I used to create this Valentine’s Day design. I hope it’s useful to you as you think through your own good ideas.

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