$2.00 for Six Cute Napkin Rings for Valentine’s Day

Here’s another quick and easy craft for Valentine’s Day. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1.  One package of napkin rings. Mine are from the Dollar Tree.
  2. One package of heart rings – on the Valentine’s Day party aisle.
What to do: Snip the ring part off of the heart ring so all you have is the “gem”. This gives the valentine gem a pretty smooth back that can be easily glued to the napkin rings.


Use hot glue to adhere the valentine gem to the napkin ring. It’s finished – and lovely. Finish putting the rest of the napkin rings together and you’re set. Set them on a small silver Dollar Tree tray until you’re ready to use them.

You can also decorate each napkin ring differently, using whatever materials you have on hand.

Tip: As you create things for Valentine’s Day or any other holiday, place the items on a table or other surface and see how they all look together. Do the items look pleasing to you? Nice, but not too busy? If so, your items are going to look great wherever you choose to use them.

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